Duties / Responsibilities

  • Verification of workload allotted by Joint Registrar, O.U (Admn).
  • Verification of Time –Table .
  • Verification of consolidated Time – Table to rule out clash / over lap of the classes.
  • Verification of Staff Attendance Register.
  • Verification of students attendance registers.
  • After verifying the above documents the concern section must admit the bill and sent for the approval of Assistant Registrar.
  • After approval of the Assistant Registrar, routed to the Principal.
  • Account pay cheques only to be issued.
  • Verification of Time – Table of both U.G / P.G
  • Verification of workload with University approved workload
  • Verification of individual Time – Table of concerned teacher as per workload.
  • Allotment of workload to the teachers
  • Verification of students Attendance Registers.
  • Sending the monthly Attendance to the Parents of the students.
  • Verification of Internal filled- in- answer scripts.
  • Verification of consolidated Award lists
  • Confirming the submission of marks through ONLINE into the Exam Branch website/Postal.
  • Verification of classes already taken by the Teachers.
  • Preparation of Academic Audit Dairy as and when assigned by the University

Bills are routed through the Hostel Care-Taker which are to be approved according to the following guide lines.

  • Hostel Committee members signature must be obtained.
  • Concerned Warden must verify each and every bill with newspaper rate or approved rates
  • Vice-Principal Hostels has to verify and cross check the bills. After his approval, the bills must be sent to the Assistant Registrar
  • Assistant Registrar must ensure that each and every bill which is routed only after verifying signatures of the Hostel Care-Taker, Committee members and concerned Warden must be approved.
  • Approved bills must then be sent to the Principal.
  • Maintain the daily absentees attendance statement
  • Consolidate month-wise attendance of Regular, Asst.Professor (Contract), PTL, Non-Teaching Staff, Non-Teaching Staff (Contract), Programmers and Hostel Staff.
  • Prepare the individual Leave records.
  • Obtain the approval of Superintendent and Assistant Registrar.
  • Put up the attendance for FINAL approval of the Principal.
  • Prepare separate Casual Leave, Duty Leave, Earned Leave and any other Leaves of individual staff.
  • Co-ordinating the various meetings organized by the Principal.
  • Routing all files through Superintendent and Assistant Registrar only.
Internal Exams/ Main Exams:
  • Overseeing the setting of question papers (U.G  & P.G) as per the model given by the University.
  • Overseeing the conducting of Internal Examination as well as regular exams.
  • Overseeing of conducting Seminar/Projects/ Practicals of the students.
  • Collecting the filled in Internal Answer Scripts / Seminar paper / Award lists / Project gradings.
  • Preparation of consolidated Award lists and D-Forms.
  • Submitting all award lists to the Exam branch on or before due dates.
Preparation of Time Table
  • Preparation of Time-Table as per Chairman, BOS allotted workload.
  • Preparation of individual Time-Table as per workload of the concerned teacher.
  • Allotment of classes to the Part-Time lecturers
Students Attendance
  • Writing the letters to all the P.G Students
  • Preparation of Attendance (monthly) statements.
  • Sending the Monthly Attendance to the parents.

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