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The Department of Computer Science was started in the year 1998. The MCA Course started from the academic year 2003-04. The department also has fully equipped (4) Computer Laboratories



Faculty Name Designation Mobile No. Email. ID Profile
Mr. A. Thirupathi Programmer 77949 37905 Full Profile
Mr. B. Goutham Programmer 96185 16479 Full Profile
Mr. V. Karunakar Reddy Programmer 99120 54393 Full Profile
Mr. N.R.Satish Kumar Programmer 91604 00311 Full Profile
Mr. P. Naveen Asst. Professor (C ) 99592 66157 pendlynaveenreddy@gmail.com Full Profile
Mr. B. Suresh Asst. Professor (C ) 94406 65774 b.suresh48@gmail.com Full Profile
Mr. G.Vamshi Krishna Asst. Professor (C ) 99122 12782 Full Profile
Mr. V.Chenna Goud Asst. Professor (C ) 95028 03942 chennagoudvatnala@gmail.com Full Profile
Mr. Sathyanna Asst. Professor (C ) 77022 35704 anna802698@gmail.com Full Profile
Mr. A.Vijay Kumar Asst. Professor (C ) 89854 17121 vijay.adelli2osmania.ac.in Full Profile
Mrs. Kalyani Asst. Professor (C ) 94403 33117 Full Profile
Mr.T Venkatesh Asst. Professor (C ) 77020 30403 v7702030403@gmail.com Full Profile
Mrs. A.Sandhya Asst. Professor (C ) 78930 62244 sandhya1853@gmail.com Full Profile
Mr. P. Rathna Sekhar Asst. Professor (C ) 85007 22113 rathnasekhar.pesaramelli@osmania.ac.in Full Profile
Mr. B.Narender Asst. Professor (C ) - HOD 81427 59988 narender.balaraju@osmania.ac.in Full Profile
Mr. B.Ranganatha Rao Asst. Professor (C ) 99491 23799 ranganath.ballarapu@gmail.com Full Profile
Mr. M.Vijaypal Reddy Asst. Professor (C ) 94403 25940 masapetavijay@gmail.com Full Profile
Sl.No Heads Name Period Mobile No. Email. ID
1 B.Narender March, 2017 - Till date 81427 59988 narender.balaraju@osmania.ac.in

Head's Message

Our college is Established in 1918, Osmania University is the seventh oldest in India, the third oldest in South India and first to be established in the erstwhile Princely State of Hyderabad. Over the years, the University has sustained an integrated development of and registered remarkable progress in all the facilities of study. It has contributed significantly to the academic and economic development of not only the region about also of the state and the country.  

Department of Computer Science University Post Graduate College,
Sardar Patel Road, Secunderabad, Pin: 500003, Telangana, India.
Phone: 040- 27902169
Email: cs.upgcous@gmail.com

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